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Nowadays, not only “the young people” are on social media.. EVERYONE is using it!

We are more than 8 hours daily connected to the internet, phones and social media..

Have you ever thought about how many Ads you see every day? Between 6,000 to 10,000 ads !! It´s crazy..

February 2021-August 2021

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I guess you are here because of the numbers but I hope you like reading articles as well!

If you are new and are reading this to check if it is worth it to start on medium, let me tell you that everyone gets a different amount of money depending on how active they are and how many people do read their articles here.

Some earn $100 monthly, others only $0.50 cents.
& that’s okay, it doesn’t mean your articles aren’t good enought.

I totally recommend the medium platform.
It is the best place to increase your creativity…

It´s not the same thing! Differences, Salaries, Jobs..

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Do you need a Social Media Manager or a Community Manager?

I see a lot of companies searching on LinkedIn for a Community Manager but expect them to do some Social Media Manager tasks..

Would you let a firefighter do the work of a paramedic? No.

It may sound similar to you but it isn’t the same thing + their salary isn’t the same.

1. The Social Media Manager

A SMM is responsible for developing, implementing and taking care of the marketing strategies for a business’s social media sites and has a stronger relationship with the marketing…

The things you should know, told out of my own experience..

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Being your own boss and be able to decide how much you have to work daily, sounds good doesn´t it ?

But everything has a long process behind the camera..

Many people see youtubers showing their luxury lifes and how they are able to work from home in a digital company created by them.
And yes, it works, but maybe they haven’t told you that it takes a lot of time and dedication to close an online business,

I started an online agency in May, because I wanted to help online companies with the knowledge that I have acquired.


A couple of short thoughts..

a couple kissing eachother like a movie scene, love or obsessive love?
Photo by MART PRODUCTION from Pexels

I have been thinking about this a lot lately.

Have you ever thought about the fact that maybe some people are not in love with you, they are just so obsessed with you that the brain makes them believe it is love.

I am not talking about this “we are a new couple obsession”, I am talking about the bad obsession, when you want to know everything, control everything and be the main character in someones life.

It is a different thing to worry about someone, to love this person and be attentive to him/her and being obsessed, wanting to…

The truth about Investing, Working 20h daily and much more..

a table outside with breakfast, orange juice, coffee, croisants and fruits
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

“Become a Millionaire following this morning routine” I am sure you have already heard this on advertisements or YouTube videos.
On the tiktok platform it has become very well known and viral to record your morning routine, but on YouTube you can find many videos on this topic, where they get up at 5 a.m. and work out, read, shower, do their skincare routine, get breakfast and do many other things.

Sounds great, doesn´t it? But the question is..

When do you work?

If you are a Millionaire, it is understandable to take your time for all this, but if…

Just short explained.

a woman sitting bored on a window
photo from Daria Shevtsova at Pexels

Many people think that being bored is wasting their time, but honestly, we humans need sometimes to feel bored to get creative.

Feeling bored is healthy, but daily boredom for a long period of time can cause depression, and drive you crazy and distract you, such as making you eat unnecessary things or doing things that can harm your health.

People do not know how to entertain themselves because they are used to being consantly entertained by their phones.

Have you ever asked yourself what being bored really means?

Feeling bored is characterized by lack of concentration, restlessness, or feeling unproductive.

Boredom is a frustration that causes…

This needs to stop!

a baby pitbull, grey with blue eyes, looking straight at the camera
Photo by Alexandru Rotariu from Pexels


It is the country in Europe where the most pets are abandoned; 300,000 each year.

many people work 24/7 and do not have enought time or money to take care of their pets, so they let them alone at the streets.


There are about 23M dogs in the world, of which 70% are living on the streets.

Latin America is in the 1st place with the most street dogs.

“International rape Day”

a black woman holding her smartphone, opening TikTok

A viral video on TikTok, created by men, declared the 24th of april as the “international rape day”.

The men behind this video want to turn this day into a purge, they think they are allowed to abuse and assault EVERYONE for 24h.

Who has created this terrifying idea, is trying to copy the movie “the purge” where it is allowed to kill, assault, steal and do anything illegal without any punishment.

The TikTok platform is trying to block the videos supporting the idea of harming people. …

The 4 most loved sports by MIllionaire

a couple wearing golf clothes
pic from cottonbro at Pexels

1. Golf

“A luxury sport”

The richest in the world are not usually willing to share the day with ordinary people in a public space, they prefer to be members of a club where, after playing, they can have lunch with people with a similar background to theirs.


social media manager | owner & founder of Olympia Growth- a social media management agency

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